Motility Test Medium

Use: Motility Test Agar is a semisolid medium used for the determination of bacterial motility.

Description: Motility Test Agar is a modification of the original formula used to detect bacterial motility. The medium is inoculated by stabbing through the center of the prepared medium. Motility is observed macroscopically by observing growth radiating from the original stab. Certain strains demonstrate motility by diffusing throughout the medium while others only show a small amount of diffusion along the lateral line of inoculation. Temperature of incubation can also be a factor in demonstrating motility as certain bacteria such as Yersenia enterocolitica show better motility at 25.0°C.

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Prepared Tubes:


Product #: CM247-T9
Description: 9ml in 16x125mm Tube, Case of 100
Price: $156.00


Product #: CM247-T920
Description: 9ml in 16x125mm Tube, Pack of 20
Price: $41.00