Student Science Project Kit

Use: This kit allows groups of students to conduct their own bacteria tests.

Description: Students melt the media in a microwave, pour their own media plates, and test for growth in four popular experiments: 1) Commonly Used Items Test: Who can find the item with the most bacteria? 2) Clean Hands/Dirty Hands Test: How much bacteria does soap eliminate? 3) Clean Mouth/Dirty Mouth Test: How much bacteria does mouthwash eliminate? 4) Man vs. Beast Test: Which mouth contains the most bacteria, a human's or a dog's? The Student Science Project Kit contains 2 200ml bottles of Prepared Media, 20 Gamma Radiated Sterile Petri Dishes, 20 Sterile Swabs, and 4 Lab Instruction Sheets. Kit is sufficient for individual experiments, or can be used with four groups of 5-6 students.

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Product #: CM145-PB200KIT
Price: $32.00