Kligler Iron Agar

Use: Kligler Iron Agar is an agar medium used as a differential medium for the presumptive identification of the Enterobacteriaceae based upon the fermentation of dextrose, lactose, and hydrogen sulfide production.

Description: Kligler Iron Agar combines the characteristics of Russell Double Sugar Agar and Kligler Lead Acetate medium with phenol red as the dye indicator. Lactose non-fermenters (i.e. Salmonella and Shigella) initially produce a yellow slant and butt due to the fermentation of dextrose. Since the concentration of dextrose is 1%, it is rapidly used up and the slant reverts to alkaline due to the oxidation of acids. The slant remains yellow (acid) under fermentation conditions. Lactose fermenting microorganisms produce yellow slants and butts. There is no reversion back to red in the slant because of the high concentration of acids present. Non-fermenters produce red slants and butts. Hydrogen sulfide production is noted by blackening in the middle and upper portion of the slant. Gas formation is indicated by the presence of bubbles or cracks in the medium.

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Prepared Slants:


Product #: CM140-S920
Description: 9ml in 16x125mm Slant, Pack of 20
Price: $48.00