Fluid Thioglycollate Medium

Use: Thioglycollate Culture Medium is used for the cultivation of anaerobic, microaerophilic and aerobic microorganisms and for determining the presence of bacteria in normally sterile materials. Formulated according to the USP and AOAC.

Description: Various worked described the use of sulfhydryl compounds with low concentrations of agar, alone or in combination, to culture anaerobic organisms in a fluid broth under aerobic conditions. Other workers described the use of sodium thioglycollate in these broth media for the neutralization of mercurial preservatives. Sodium thioglycollate also lowers the oxidation-reduction potential of the media. Resazurin indicates the status of oxidation or aerobiosis. Dextrose is added to enhance growth.

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Prepared Tubes:


Product #: CM137-T1020
Description: 10ml in 16x125mm Tube, Pack of 20
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