Peptone Water 0.1%

Use: Broth medium used for the detection of indole and carbohydrate fermentation patterns.

Description: Peptone Water is a minimal growth medium which is used for determining carbohydrate fermentation capabilities. A 1% final carbohydrate concentration with phenol red (0.018 g/L) indicator and Durham tube can be used for fermentation studies. After incubation, a yellow broth with or without gas bubbles indicates a positive fermentation reaction. For determining the Indole Test, place an indole test strip 10 mm above a 24-48 hours broth culture and reincubate for 5-30 minutes. A violet red color on the test strip indicates a positive reaction.

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Prepared Glass Bottles:


Product #: CM006-B500
Description: 500ml in 32oz Glass Bottle, Case of 12
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