MR-VP Broth

Use: Methyl Red-Voges Proskauer) Broth is used in the differentiation of bacteria based on their methyl red and Voges Proskauer reactions.

Description: Clark and Lubs noted the ability of coliforms to produce and maintain acid products when cultivated in certain test media. The aerogenes group was found to produce lesser amounts of acid and eventually become alkaline on extended incubation. Methyl red was found to be a satisfactory indicator of acidity. A test described by Voges and Proskauer determines the differential ability of bacteria to produce acetyl methyl carbinol. Some organisms such as E. aerogenes produce acetyl methyl carbinol after sufficient incubation. One method for demonstration of the presence of acetyl methyl carbinof involves addition of a potassium hydroxide-creatine reagent to a test culture with production of a delicate eosin-pink color (positive reaction).

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Prepared Tubes:


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