Phenol Red Broth Base

Use: Phenol Red Broth Base, with the addition of carbohydrates, is used for the differentiation of microorganisms by their fermentation reactions.

Description: Phenol Red Broth Base is a basic formulation. Pancreatic digest of casein is low in fermentable carbohydrates and provides nutrients essential for growth. Sodium chloride provides electrolyte balance and phenol red is used as an acid-base indicator. The addition of 5-10 grams of carbohydrate to the formulation provides the basis for the determination of fermentation reactions. After incubation, a yellow reaction indicates that a fermentation reaction has occurred. An inverted Durham tube added to the broth medium prior to sterilization is used to detect gas production.

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Product #: CD148E
Description: 500g Bottle Phenol Red Broth Base
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